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Admission into the Karachi American School is highly competitive.

Applications will not be processed unless all requested documentation is received.

Since there are waiting lists in many grades it is important for families to apply early and follow the deadlines calendar:

Entry Time
Apply from

All Grades

First Semester – 1ST week of August

Begins January 1st.

Individual Time Slots

Early Learning Center

First Semester – 1ST week of August

Begins January 1st.

End April / May


First Semester – 1ST week of August

Begins January 1st.

First week of March

Grades 1 - 5

First Semester – 1ST week of August

Ends 31st August.

End March onwards

Grades 6 - 12

First Semester – 1ST week of August

Ends 31st August.

Individual Time Slots

We begin classes the first week of August. There may be no seats available for families of children who wait until late in the summer to apply.

The acceptance rate varies for grade levels. In General approximately 70 % of those who apply to our school are turned away for one reason or another.

Incomplete applications, or those with missing documentation, will not be acted upon.

No decision concerning admission will be made until all information is complete.


International applicants can apply through out the year.

International Applicants can apply for a position on the wait list if a certain Grade is closed for admissions.

The applications are processed on first-come basis, therefore it is imperative to keep the timeline and limited seats in mind.

A wait list for international applicants has been opened for the grades that are full.

The International Applicants must go through the admissions procedure and obtain a formal decision before they can be put on the waiting list.

In case a current student withdraws and a seat becomes available, the applicant will be notified immediately on a merit basis.

Please note students who are studying in Pakistan at the time of admissions, enrolled in a local school are defined as ‘Local’ applicants. ‘International’ applicants are students studying outside of Pakistan, at the time of admissions, regardless of the nationalities of the applicants.

Applications have to be filed well in advance for the completion of application processing. It is advised for all overseas applicants to send in their application paperwork prior to making the move.



The Admission’s process for all applicants (local or international) entails:

  • Completion of paperwork – (No incomplete files will be processed)
  • In House Testing
  • Recommendation from current school
  • Applicant and parent interviews
  • Classroom Evaluation (At the discretion of the Admission committee).



Early Learning Center

Complete application, applicant in-house screening & parent interview.

Pre-School & Kindergarten

Complete application, applicant in-house screening & parent interview.

Grades 1 - 5

In-House Testing + Classroom Evaluation + Parent Interview

Grades 6 - 12

In-House Testing + Classroom Evaluation + Applicant Interview



Early Learning Center Applicants:  For 3 year olds born before August 1st of their birth year.

Pre-School & Kindergarten Applicants: For 4 year olds born before October 1st of their birth year.

Cut-Off Date: The cut-off date for age for all grade levels, PS till Grade 12 is 1st October.

Processing: Testing and Evaluations will only take place after completion of all paperwork.

International Applicants: International Applicants are welcome to apply throughout the year.

Local Applicants: Local Applicants have a specific timeline that must be followed accordingly and is not flexible.

School Year: The Academic Year is divided into 2 Semesters or 4 Quarters.

New Academic Year: The new academic year or the first semester begins the first week of August.

Second Semester: The Second Semester begins the first week of January.

Incomplete Application: Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be considered on hold.

Recommendations for Early Learning Center, Pre-School and Kindergarten:

Class Teachers Recommendation Form, is required to be filled out, outlining the child’s linguistic and analytical abilities and what he/she has learned.  The Principal’s Recommendation Form is filled out by the head of the school, outlining the Child's skills pertaining to age and grade level. Forms are available online in PDF format, along with the online application. For Word document format, please email at admissions@kas.edu.pk .




Local Applicants: Applicants applying from within Pakistan.

International Applicants: Applicants applying from outside Pakistan.


This is available as an Acrobat Reader file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may obtain it by clicking on the button below. You can find instructions for downloading and using Acrobat Reader from there.








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