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KAS is a non-profit organization.  The school contracts for personnel and supplies a year in advance.  Annual tuition and fees for all students must therefore be paid in advance, in accordance with the established schedule. 

Tuition covers the cost of basic textbooks, classroom and art supplies, laboratory equipment and materials, physical training equipment and part of the cost of most school athletic activities.  It does not include the use of recreational facilities after school hours.

KAS bases its tuition and fees on estimated operational expenses.  If, for reasons beyond the control of KAS, a deficit should occur, the Board of Directors may vote to establish an additional per-pupil charge.  Parents are obligated to pay these additional charges on the dates set by the Board of Directors. 


All students wishing to be considered for admission to KAS must apply using the prescribed Application Form.  The Application Form is available at the Admissions or can be obtained electronically from the website www.kas.edu.pk.   The cost of the form and the processing of the application is US$300 or equivalent in Rupees (in cash) and is non-refundable.


There is a one-time, non-refundable Registration Fee for every new student accepted/entering KAS.  This fee of US$ 11,000 + 5% tax per student reserves a place in class for the admitted student and is payable within one (1) week from the date of admission.

Should this registration fee not be paid within one (1) week, the place will be given to another applicant at the discretion of the school.

Should a student withdraw from the school and return in less than 12 calendar months, the registration fee will not be levied when that student reapplies.

ANNUAL TUITION:                       

Grade K3                                                         $ 5,138 (+5% tax)

Grade K4                                                         $ 10,182 (+5% tax)

Grade K5 to Grade 5                                   $14,996 (+5% tax)

Grades 68                                                    $15,016 (+5% tax)

Grades 911                                                  $15,036 (+5% tax)

Grade 12                                                         $15,395 (+5% tax)


CNIC/Passport No: is required for tax entry.

The annual tuition above includes the Student Activity Fee (K5 - Grade 12 and the Graduation Fee -Grade 12 only).  The fee for AP examinations will be billed separately.


A)        US Dollar Payment:      All students other than Pakistani Nationals.

All Foreign National students are required to pay in US Dollars via wire transfer.  Credit for the student’s tuition payment will be applied only when the school receives notification from the bank that funds are available. Wire transfer detail can be obtained from Business Office.

B)          Rupee Payment: Only Pakistani Nationals and dual nationals holding Pakistani nationality at birth, may pay in Rupees.

Tuition and fees are established in US Dollars, payment can be made in Pak Rupees at the prevailing open market selling rate.

Payment in cash is not accepted. Payments of Rupees may be by personal check or pay order but will be credited only when KAS receives notification from the bank that funds are available. 

Checks or pay orders are to be made out to “Karachi American Society School”.



A)        Annual Tuition and Fees paid in US$ - Dollars

Annual tuition fee for returning students of 70% must be paid in full no later than May 15th

Second installment to be paid by November 10th.

Students who enroll or are accepted after May 15th for the subsequent school year must make the payment at the time of acceptance, in accordance with the established schedule.

Fees not paid by the due date will be subject to a 2% penalty plus tax per month.

B)         Annual Tuition and Fees paid in Rupees (Pakistani Nationals)

If parents wish to pay annual tuition and fees in one installment in rupees, they may pay the full amount by May 15th at the prevailing exchange rate of the day of payment.

Payments can also be made in two installments, the first for 70% of the tuition by May 15th of the current school year, and the second 30% of the tuition to be paid by November 10th.

Fees not paid by the due date will be subject to a 2% penalty plus tax per month.

1)            First installment

The invoice for the first installment will be mailed to parents by April 10th.  Payments are accepted at the Business Office until May 15th.

Checks and pay orders are to be made to: “Karachi American Society School”.

2)            Second Installment

Similar to the procedures regarding the first installment, the invoice for the second installment will be mailed to parents by October 23rd.   Payments are accepted at the Business Office from October 25th until November 10th.


            First Semester                 Date Entered                                       Amount Payable

                                                       First Quarter                                               Full Year

                                                       Until 5th week of 2nd Quarter                Full Year

                                                       From 6th week of 2nd Quarter               Three Full Quarters

            Second Semester         Date Entered                                       Amount Payable                    

                                                      Third Quarter                                              Full Semester

                                                      Until 5th week of 4th Quarter                  Full Semester

                                                      From 6th week of 4th Quarter                 Full Quarter

Refund Policy of Tuition Fee:

1)            If written notification from a parent/member of the Society is received that a student will be withdrawn before the first day of the semester, a full refund of tuition for that semester will be given.

2)            If a parent/member of the Society notifies the school in writing of their intent to withdraw a student within the first 30 calendar days of a semester, 50% of the tuition for that semester will be refunded.  If a student is withdrawn after 30 calendar days from the beginning of the semester, no refund of tuition will be granted for that semester.

3)            The above also applies to a student who has been admitted and enrolled, but does not attend classes.

4)         All refunds of tuition fees are made directly back to the individuals or company from which the funds were received.  Refunds are made in the currency of the original payment.

5)          Should a situation occur where the school must be closed due to factors beyond its

control, the Board of Directors will determine if a refund of tuition is applicable.

6)          Should the school need to call for a withdrawal of a student during a semester, the refund  of tuition will be applicable as under Board Policy 6.4034.



Any additional financial costs for wire transfers, collecting outstation checks / drafts, charges on returned checks, etc are the responsibility of the parents.  


Parents/members of the Society are expected to pay tuition and / or fees on time.

Tuition and/or fees not paid by the due date will be subject to a 2% service charge plus tax per month.  This financial charge will be calculated from the day after due date of payment and will cease on the day that school receives notification that the transfer payment of funds has taken place.

Further, in the light of the Board decision of December 17, 2017, that students whose fees have not been paid by the August 6, 2020, will not be allowed to attend classes until their fees are paid. Tuition amount, along with the stipulated late fees, must be settled by August 13, 2020, otherwise, the students will be removed from the school rolls for the academic year.


Full annual tuition and fees must be paid in advance by students wishing to remain enrolled for the following year.

Should the student not be physically present in class for the period enrolled and paid for, his/her seat may be yielded to another applicant who will be present in class.  In such a case, only the balance of fees will be refunded from the date when KAS receives written notification that the student will definitely not return.

If a student leaves KAS without having paid full annual tuition and fees in advance, readmission will not be guaranteed.  Additionally, the student will be subject to the registration fee if he/she wishes to re-enroll.

Should a delay in enrollment be requested by the parents/a member of the Society after initial acceptance of the student at KAS, the reserved place will be honored only if full tuition is paid in advance. 

            PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE at www.kas.edu.pk

Revised:                      January 09, 2020

Adopted:                  January 09, 2020

Effective:                   May, 2020







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