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Karachi American School provides its students with a well-rounded college preparatory education comparable to that available in similar institutions in the United States of America. We offer a solid academic program that is complemented by a strong activities a combination that we see as essential for self-direction and self-fulfillment. We strive to prepare our students for entry into selective US colleges and universities or for transfer to other strongly academic schools.

KAS focuses on the academic and extracurricular not as ends in themselves but as ways of helping our students acquire skills that will help them become independent yet contributing members of society, successful in schooling beyond KAS, in future careers and in life.

In order to foster those qualities that characterize the mature individual, we will strive to ensure that the school climate reflects self and mutual respect, concern for others, and a common sense of purpose.

Recognizing its nature as a private, community-supported school KAS fosters and maintains close school - home - community partnerships.

Learning Theory

The Karachi American School believes that children pass through definite stages of cognitive and physical development that have a direct bearing on how they learn. Although this development is sequential and predictable, each child develops and learns at his or her own rate. Within the limitations of our program, accommodations are made to provide for these individual differences.

In addition, we believe that the student - teacher relationship is of critical importance in the learning process. By employing highly qualified faculty that is involved with our students both in class and outside of class in extracurricular activities, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships between staff and students. In this way, students learn through instruction and example those skills and qualities that characterize maturity, and see life-long applications of learning in academic, athletic, artistic, service and social domains.

KAS aims to offer the highest quality of instruction to its students. The faculty is encouraged to use a variety of teaching techniques in an effective and balanced manner. These techniques emphasize higher order thinking (the student actively analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating ideas) and include research, experimentation, problem design and solution, group projects, Socratic seminar, discussion and occasional lecture. KAS also values the role of multi media and guest presentations in making learning come alive.

KAS recognizes that the strength of an instructional program depends largely on an adequate supply of materials, textbooks, and equipment. These shall be acquired in sufficient quantity and replaced on a regular schedule designed to keep them current. The acquisition of these supplies shall be accomplished in a balanced manner insuring that all aspects of the curriculum are fully supported.

Design for Learning

Though our size limits the scope of our curriculum, KAS has a long tradition of a high quality academic program with emphasis on developing skills in the areas of communication, research, cultural awareness and critical thinking. In addition, through the Strategic Planning process, the school has identified two new areas of emphasis: having every student set goals and plan for success and having every student participate in community service.

To be successful, teaching at KAS should:

  • Maintain high standards and expectations
  • Be structured
  • Make connections to other ideas, areas or subjects
  • Occur by experience and application - be ‘hands on’
  • Be enthusiastic and inspirational
  • Encourage enjoyment in the learning process, and create a happy, positive learning environment
  • Be by example
  • Respect personal beliefs
  • Use the natural environment and real world
  • Use a variety of motivational methods
  • Encourage students natural inclination towards or interest in a subject
  • Give students an opportunity to discover different cognitive and learning styles through a variety of methods, approaches, and levels of care.
To ensure and support effective teaching, the KAS curriculum will:

  • Be regularly reviewed and revised so as to be reflective of the school philosophy and developments in the research base that informs good educational practice
  • Be geared in scope and sequence to provide logical progression from the concrete to the abstract, always emphasizing higher order thinking and smooth transition from grade to grade and from level to level
  • Enable all students to acquire, integrate and express the ideas of the various academic areas and across these areas
  • Be comprehensive and balanced among the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts
  • Engage technology to deliver curriculum
  • Enhance the student’s appreciation for and understanding of the many social, cultural, and national groups in the world.
  • Encourage the development of responsible citizens
  • Within the limits of our resources, provide for both the general and individual needs of all students

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